Bruce Springsteen performs live on stage during Paul McCartney's headline at Glastonbury 2022

Bruce Springsteen director responds to criticism over ticket prices – NME

Bruce Springsteen Director John Landau released a statement after criticism over the musician’s recent ticket prices.

Last week, when the Springsteen tickets 2023 World Tour dates are up for saleFans have been asked to pay up to $5,000 (£4,152) for some tickets.

The site’s “dynamic pricing” model allows Ticketmaster to charge more fees on tickets when they first go on sale. The system responds to demand and therefore increases or decreases prices in line with what the “speculators” – the person who resells a ticket for profit – sells, while keeping the money at home for the seller and artist.

The system is also seeing an increase with the demand for certain “platinum tickets”, which are being placed all over the place.

Now, Springsteen’s manager has responded to the backlash on pricing. In a statement to New York times He said, “When pricing tickets for this tour, we looked carefully at what our peers were doing. We chose fares that were lower than some and on par with others.”

He continued: “Apart from commenting on a modest number of tickets costing $1,000 (£828) or more, our real average ticket price was in the $200 (£165) range. I think in today’s environment, that’s a price Fair to see someone universally regarded as among the greatest artists of his generation.”

Bruce Springsteen performs live during Paul McCartney’s headline at Glastonbury 2022. Credit: Getty

Ticketmaster has previously defended the model Saying that only 11.2 per cent of Springsteen tickets sold were platinum, and only 1.3 per cent were $1,000 (£830) or more. They also said the average price for a Springsteen ticket was $262 (£217).

according to diverseit was reported that “Ticketmaster says [the most expensive tickets] It represents only 11 percent of all tickets sold. By ticket service accounts, this resulted in 88.2 percent of other tickets sold at fixed prices ranging from $59.50. [£49.42] to $399 [£331] before adding the service fee.

Ticketmaster further said that the average price for all tickets sold so far is $262 [£217.63]with 56 percent selling for less than $200 [£166] Face value… The service also divided percentages by 56 percent of tickets that it says sold for less than $200 [£166]. She said one percent was sold for less than $99 [£82.23]27 percent went for between $100-150 [£83-124]and sell one cent for between 150-200 dollars [£124-166]. “

“Pricing and formatting are in line with industry standards for top performers,” Ticketmaster added in a statement.

Earlier this month (July 14), Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band announce Four UK tour dates in 2023.

Dates include shows at BT Murrayfield in Edinburgh on May 30 and Villa Park in Birmingham on June 16 as well as two shows at BST Hyde Park in London on July 6 and 8.

Tickets went on sale last Thursday (July 21) and any remaining tickets can be purchased over here.

The parties, which will be The Boss’ first with a full E Street Band since 2017, are part of a large-scale world tour. Which runs in the US between February 1 and April 14 before heading to Europe.

US Arena 2023 concert tickets have been sold out for the past 2 weeks and you can buy tickets for US dates over here.

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