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A new Netflix documentary depicts anti-virus founder-turned-fugitive John McAfee and his life on the run after he becomes a suspect in the 2012 murder of his neighbor in Belize (Across Limit). McAfee asked the film crew to document his experience while evading the authorities – and apparently the Mexican cartel.

The documentary is called Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfeeAnd the Video journalists have thrown into the whirlwind that is McAfee’s life. With guns, drugs and alcohol, the group crosses through Belize and Guatemala and somehow ends up on a boat bound for the Bahamas.

To say McAfee has had an interesting history would be an understatement. Having made a name for himself as the creator of McAfee antivirus software company – which Intel acquired in 2021 – Things started to deteriorate when police in Belize linked him as someone interested in the murder of his neighbour, Gregory Faul. Since then, McAfee’s actions have gotten even weirder: he I got into encryption; Try to run for president; even Developed a “hack-resistant” phone. in 2020, Arrested in Spain for tax evasion and was He was later found dead in his prison cell before extradition to the United States. His death was a suicide.

Running with the devil It will arrive on Netflix on August 24. It was produced by British studio Curious Films, whose co-founder, Dov Friedman, said Limit That the movie was “10 years in the making.” This isn’t the first time John McAfee has become the subject of a documentary. In 2016, Showtime produced Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee.

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