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Many fans may not want to admit it, but it’s a straightforward fact. Happy Corbin is one of the most talented artists in all of WWE. No matter what pitch WWE Creative throws, he puts everything he has into the role and, more often than not, delivers it to the chorus of boos from the WWE Universe.

He is also one of the company’s most trusted performers. whether it works Monday Night Raw As Constable Corbin, his feud with Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle retired, or Open’s first ever Smackdown On FOX with The Rock, Corbin has been front and center for many notable matches and moments in his WWE career. And he has another big chance on Saturday at summerslam.

But before we get too deep into that, let’s put his wrestling career in the background. I had a chance to catch up with Happy Corbin this week at Bleav in Pro Wrestling PodcastAnd I had to take the time to talk about a common passion we have – food.

Anyone who follows Corbin on social media knows he’s a Kansas City man to the bone. BBQ is deep in this man’s DNA and his skill level grows with each passing week. Hopefully one day we’ll see this guy down with the big guys, because if he ever gets the chance to take on world-famous chef Bobby Flay, Corbin seems to have a pretty cool game plan.

“Anyone can cook filet and cook it in butter, whatever. I don’t like butter on my steak anyway. I’m going to cook a hanging steak, which is one of my favorite cuts. It’s a butcher cut. Not many people know about it. It’s Inexpensive, it tastes incredible. I’m going to put a charcoal rub on it. I’m going to make a homemade romesco like smoked paprika. So it’s going to be a smoky romesco sauce. Chili beans. I guess that’s what I’m going to throw in. But this hanger at Romesco is kind of my signature now.”

Now for Happy Corbin, cooking is a haven. It’s what he likes to do to relax and unwind from the outside world. But he’s also preparing himself for life after WWE. Don’t get your hopes up guys, everyone’s favorite bad guy fedora has plans to survive for the better part of the next decade. Sorry to break the news to you.

Corbyn is a man who takes great pride in his work. And he must. It runs incredibly smooth and safe in the ring. His skill set, and perhaps most importantly, his business mind will keep him in the game for years to come. Having said that, Corbin wants to step away from the ring in time. When his body becomes unable to keep up with his mental sharpness. When that day comes, it’s time to take off the shoes and put on the apron.

“Sure. I’ve made some good friends from the world of the Food Network and Chef Aaron May is one of my good companions. He’s always there. grocery man games. I want to spend another five or 10 years here in the WWE, but in the end, like all athletes, at some point, our body just doesn’t keep up with our minds anymore,” Corbin said. “I definitely want to get into this world of food. Whether it’s through the Food Network or about my own YouTube business. Or my friend Aaron does a lot of things where he does, like guests, where he’s at celebrity places and chefs. We were talking about having a food and wine festival together in Connecticut, because we’re going to go there for WWE and raise some good money for Connor’s Cure. So I’ll cook out there. So there are a lot of really cool opportunities that food will provide when I’m done throwing people like Pat McAfee in the ring.”

I’ve always wanted to see Corbin combine their love. How about Happy Corbin’s tailgate? Let this guy put some of his original Kansas City queue up to live fans every week. Someone tells me why this gimmick wouldn’t make him completely beat him up with the WWE Universe.

There is a concept for you. Baby Face Corbin. No doubt this will be a challenge at first, even if they offer free food. However, I see dollar signs in a row. I’m talking about Happy Corbin BBQ aprons and kits in the WWE Store. Perhaps some homemade bourbon-barbecue sauce from Corbin can make its way into your kitchen, for the right price, of course. This guy has high-end watches he needs to buy after all.

The main barbecue concept would have been in the works last year summerslam. Corbin told Bleav in Pro Wrestling that he had an idea to challenge the San Francisco 49ers TE, and Known wrestling fanaticGeorge Kettle to a barbecue in Las Vegas. The timing, unfortunately, did not work.

Regardless of whether food was included or not, I was curious. After a decade of being the bad guy, is Happy Corbin’s goal to get some cheer up someday in the near or distant future?

“I’m torn because it would be nice to end this career and say I’ve never been a good guy. I’ve never been to this side of the game. And to make people angry, it really brings me joy,” Corbin said with joy in his voice. It stems from everyday life. When I go to the airport and the guy forgets to take the seven water bottles out of his bag and his laptop, I’m now waiting at the TSA behind this idiot. I’m going, dude, haven’t you traveled before?! Can’t you have all of this?

So I take all those things that bother me every day and give them back to everyone. So that it would be a liberation for me, if you will, to provoke the ire of adult men to young children. And I mean, I had 80 things that a year-old woman would threaten to stab me in Mississippi. So, I don’t make a distinction who I want to bother with, but I think it would be cool.”

It’s almost impossible to imagine the most hated man in WWE turning into a completely childish face, but if you remember this time last year, it almost happened. Pat McAfee may use the name “Bum Ass Corbin” in a derogatory way to impress crowds these days, but before he hit it so much in the casino, the man now called Happy had a good start to the crowd – when he had a blast. This is the only way Corbyn believes that changing the face of himself can work. It must be organic.

“When I collapsed on my luck, people started cheering. People were trying to hand me a $20 bill as I walked down the lanes of the yards. And I think that was really flirting with the switch sides line. And if I’ve done that before, I want it to be as natural as that.” , because the reactions will be ten times better.”

One thing is for sure, Happy Corbin won’t overtake the fan base on Saturday. in summerslamHe goes alone with his old friend and teammate Pat McAfee.

On screen, these two hate each other. Off screen, it’s a different story. Corbin had nothing but glowing praise for what McAfee had brought to the bargaining table in WWE. His personality is infectious and it’s something Corbin picked up during his brief stint with the Indianapolis Colts.

“I was there only six months before I went to Arizona, but we played golf every day. We lived together. We were good guys. That’s how I knew his personality and how to draw people to him. He’s entertaining. He’s funny. He’s an incredible talker. And he has an emotion when he tells you.” And you see him on the announcement table when he’s standing up and announcing matches or yelling about Brock Lesnar or whatever. There’s complete commitment and total passion for everything he does and says.”

It didn’t take McAfee long to win the hearts of the WWE Universe. I remember being there for Strict rules Last year in Columbus. Except for Good Ol’ JR, I’ve never seen a commentator get such a live audience reaction as McAfee did when he was introduced before the show even started.

his entrance in WrestleMania 38 In Dallas it was an absolute spectacle. Electricity could feel in the air as the “7 Nation Army” blasted through loud speakers at AT&T Stadium, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders proudly walked in to help introduce the former NFL star. Or what I should say is the current WWE Superstar. Because that’s what it goes through and through.

Pat McAfee walks to face Theory at WrestleMania 38

Everything McAfee touches seems to turn to gold. The man is the definition of success. And it was his NFL success that delayed his goals in WWE for a few more years down the road. The goals Corbin and McAfee were supposed to achieve together.

“We were going to go downstairs and learn how to be superstars so we could go to WWE together,” Corbin said. “He had an amazing career in football. He was a professional gambler. He did amazing things, but he succeeded in all of those things. I just got started in WWE. I always expected him to come at some point. I didn’t think we would hit heads like we do now.” “.

Saturday’s match poses an interesting challenge for Happy Corbin. As talented and naturally athletic as Pat McAfee, he is still relatively inexperienced in the ring.

True, no one in the history of the sport has gone into as many big matches, on huge stages, to start their career as McAfee. NXT Take over XXX Against Adam Cole, War Games, 2 matches in WrestleMania 38And Pat would answer the bell every time.

WWE is clearly very confident that McAfee will perform once again on the big stage on Saturday. Happy Corbin’s job at summerslam It would be one he did over and over again. Keeping his old friend safe, but still executing a punishment that seems as painful as possible.

“I’m going to my roots. My roots as a bad lineman, salty, striker, ex-golden glove boxer, and I’m going to try and take his head off. That’s my challenge. My challenge is trying to get his head back about 12 rows to the audience and leave his body in place. I think he’s among the Those things where I came to Pat McAfee in this match. And I want to make it clear to him that his place is behind the commentary table.”

Check out my full conversation with Happy Corbin in the video above as he talks more about his love of food, perhaps the theory rapes him as the most hated man in WWE, whether the breakout heat is real and more. You can also listen to files Bleav in Pro Wrestling PodcastAvailable wherever you get your audio files.

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