The View host Joy Behar says critics hate that she’s a ‘strong personality’ who has a platform: ‘Too bad’ – Yahoo Entertainment

Joy Behar is well aware that she has critics thanks to The View. But she’s pretty sure these critics only hate her because the show makes her a “strong character.”

In a new interview with timeBehar is proud of being a “favorite target in Breitbart and Fox,” and noted that she doesn’t care much about what people have to say about her. She doesn’t say things with the intent to provoke people, she just thinks people are angry because she has a huge audience thanks to the show.

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“You have power when you have that microphone,” Behar said. “People don’t like it. They don’t like me being a tough guy on The View, and they say things they don’t like, but I’m sorry, that’s where I am. I’m a tough guy on The View. I was a tough guy as a comedian with a mic. Very unfortunate. “

The hostess also admitted that she never worries about the things she says anyway, because she only got into trouble unintentionally.

“This whole idea of ​​canceling people out because of what they’re saying, I’d say the answer to that is: What’s your intention?” She added. “Everything I got into trouble for wasn’t meant to be.”

Host Sunny Houston told Time magazine that Behar doesn’t even remember most of the flamboyant things she says on the show, because she “leaves them on the table and then moves on to another day.”

However, Behar also indicated that she would not be so devastated when her time in The View was permanently ended and her strength weakened. When asked if she will miss the fame – or the shame – at all, Behar said she won’t.

“You know what they say – the show must explode,” she said.

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