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Yoke: automatic Fans and the game community are baffled by the revelation of a secret area that was not there before in the game – a discovery made five years later AutomataOn PlayStation 4. What makes the secret so confusing is that only one anonymous player has access to it.

Players who are closely familiar with them yoke: automatic And the game’s current landscape is faltered by a discovery: does venturing into this previously unseen region have a very specific set of requirements? Is it a modified version of the PC version disguised as a PlayStation 4 game? Is this a joke? ARG from developers? another thing?

The Yoke: automatic The mod community, so far, does not have definitive answers to these questions. But dozens of Nier fans search the game files, reboot the game, and discuss how much Yoke: automatic Edit technology and study videos frame by frame like the recent Zapruder movie.

Epic Yoke: automaticThe secret new area – a church hidden behind a wall in the game’s Copied City area – started in early June, when a player posted a question on the Nier subreddit He asks what is needed to get to the church area. They had access to him, so why wouldn’t their friend? Other players didn’t know what the original poster was talking about. One of the players said: There is no church of this level. Another replied, “I don’t think you can enter any building in the copied city.”

The original poster, which went by sadfutago on Reddit, He later posted a video of the church And where they got to – through an unprecedented camouflaged door. Some were suspicious, calling the video a fake. Others began to investigate.

It wasn’t until Monday, when top stylist and singer Lance MacDonald posted a new wrinkle in the epic, that’s a story Yoke: automaticNew puzzle burst. (McDonald is also responsible for finding files Yoke: automaticSupposedly “The final secret” last year.)

Someone randomly posted a video on Automata yoke subreddit shows that they found a secret room in the copied city,” MacDonald wrote on Twitter. Until now, no one else had figured out how they were able to reveal this secret door. Only one person on earth walked into this room and we were stunned. MacDonald later clarified that “it is not possible to modify it yet.” Automata yoke This way,” he said, adding that “the community is in a bit of a mess over this discovery.”

Current modifications of Yoke: automatic It generally consists of replacements for character models, HD texture updates, and other quality of life improvements for the PC version of the game. Creating or adding entirely new geometry to the game world is more difficult, modifiers say, especially on PS4.

on popularity Yoke: automatic Editing Discord server, community members handpicked every detail from multiple videos posted by sadfutago. They have also smeared the poster with questions, saying the sadfutago is allegedly playing on an unpolished physical version of Yoke: automatic On your PlayStation 4 is not connected to the Internet. Getting clear answers for sadfutago seems to be a challenge.

Experts Modders and Nier have tried to view the supposed secret area through devious means – using only wireframe viewing and by penetrating the game’s boundaries – but you still don’t see the church. New gameplay is happening now, hoping to solve the mystery.

On Tuesday, sadfutago . posted A clearer and longer version of their videoshowing what appears to be a complete looking area, but little interaction with it.

Discussions about Nier’s modded Discord server generally agree on one thing: If this new region is a player-generated mod, it’s an evolving region. So sophisticated that the only possible author is someone from Yoke: automatic Development staff or someone so talented that they developed their technique in secret and without the wider help of society.

There is also widespread suspicion that this is either a long-hidden Easter egg or part of some guerrilla marketing effort. Two of the game’s high-profile developers, producers Yosuke Saito and Yoko Taro, haven’t exactly spoken of what they know.

“The eternal secret” Saito tweeted Tuesday, Lance McDonald’s tweet went viral about the hidden area. Saito too chirp That a well-buried secret like this is something skilled Yoko Taro would do, later adding “First of all, please calm down and make a reservation here” – a link to a separate tweet about the upcoming Nintendo Switch port at Yoke: automatic.

As for Yoko Taro, the producer preferred a more specific answer. “Do you want to know about my insight?” Tweet Tarot to a fan Who asked about the mysterious church. “In that case, you can find an answer on my Twitter profile. Thank you.”

The answer in Taro’s profile is as follows: “I can’t answer for any products. Please ask the publisher.” In other words, Taro seems to have no interest in confirming or disproving this particular secret. (Coincidence, taro she did Confirmation of the discovery of the “ultimate secret” mentioned above from Yoke: automatic last year.)

As for whether the sadfutago is on the rise or not, it’s worth noting Their Reddit profile was only used to post about this one topic, and only in the Nier subreddit. Their name, sadfutago, includes the Japanese word for twins. Yoke: automatic She has a set of twins: Divola and Popola, and their sticks appear as supports in the church’s hidden altar. A figure from . also appears on this altar yoke: symmetricYounis.

Each new tablet has Nier fans and mods looking for new answers, but as the interest has grown, so has the noise in Nier modding Discord. It’s currently inundated with memes, copypastas, and quick shitposting. But while some Nier fans seek answers, some are happy to be along the way, and disappointments damned.

“This is either a top-notch and impressive hoax or insanely left on the data and either way it’s amazing,” said one Nier subreddit in response to the sadfutago’s latest video. “I’ve never been happy with this possibility before.”

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