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The principal of the Texas school where the nation’s deadliest classroom shooting occurred in a decade on Wednesday questioned some of the key findings of a legislative report on the attack, including that doors were left locked and rules were lax.

In a statement issued by her attorney, Mandy Gutierrez refused Legislative committee result That the “culture of complacency” about safety at Robb Primary School in Ovaldi allowed a gunman to enter the school and kill 19 children and two teachers. She also said that the lock on the fourth-grade classroom door where the shooting occurred on May 24 worked when a guardian checked it out the night before.

School Principal Hal Harrell suspended Gutierrez with pay Monday pending a performance review related to school security.

Legislative Report Developed the biggest mistake with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, who took over an hour to enter the classroom where the shooter was and killed him as parents outside the school begging officers to do something and dispatchers received 911 calls from inside the school. Surveillance footage of police officers unloading body armor in the hallway as the gunman carried out the massacre angered the families of the victims. who demanded accountability.

In the statement to the three members of the Texas House committee that released the report after the investigation, Gutierrez also said that the teacher in charge of the class in which the shooting took place complained that because the school had the only printer in his class, other teachers often interrupted his teaching to open the door. So that they can get back their printed documents.

As for reports that the door had to be closed forcefully to engage the locked latch, Gutierrez said, “This is the case for many doors in an old building.” She also said that neither she nor her ancestors remembered that the class teacher complained that the door would not close.

Gutierrez disputed that the intermittent school Wi-Fi prevented school staff from receiving an alert for a security breach.

Finally, I rejected my complacency finding because From frequent shutdowns Driven by close law enforcement pursuits of migrants trying to escape.

“We have been trained to treat every alert from any law enforcement agency as a situation that has the potential to escalate into a dangerous cycle for students, teachers and administrators,” she said in the statement issued by San Antonio Attorney Ricardo Cedillo.

Gutierrez said her most recent performance evaluation rated her “achievable” in creating a “safe school environment that ensures the social, emotional and physical well-being of staff and students.”

She concluded, “I will live with the horror of these events for the rest of my life. I want to keep my job not only to be able to support my family but so that I can continue to remain on the front lines helping the children who survived, the families of all those affected and the entire Uvalde community I love and want to continue to protect.”


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