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Summary of the first episode of season 3 of ‘HSMTMTS: Is Olivia Rodrigo leaving?’ – TVLine

The Wildcats may spend the summer at Camp Shallow Lake, but they soon find themselves deep in the drama. Because what is known.

Streaming now on Disney+, the third season premiere of High School Musical: The Musical: Series He sends a handful of East High’s hottest troupe—including new couple EJ and Gina, as well as Ashlyn, Kourtney, and Carlos—to theater camp, where CORBIN EFFING BLEU is set to direct them in their first-ever student production of frozen.

Are things going south? Oh, my friends, almost immediately. For starters, Mr. Blue reveals that he isn’t actually there to direct the musical; He’s there to direct a Disney+ documentary about industry musical.

“She’s dead for sure, and we play with her a lot,” Tim Federle TVLine says. “Really very dead? Only the fans will tell us the season, with time, it becomes more attractive and juicy.”

Speaking of things getting sexier, Ricky discovers his brutal belt in Lily’s closet, finally revealing his new girlfriend as the vandal on the show. With his brain betrayed and a song in his heart, Ricky has no choice but to join his camp friends. When asked about the possibility that EJ/Gina/Ricky love triangle fans might notice in the trailerFederel suggests we approach this season in a wait-and-see fashion.

“You always want all the fans to be happy, you want to tell the story of the writers room and Disney and the actors are more excited to tell it,” he says. “The joy of getting the fourth season [which was officially ordered in May] The stories are really TV series. There is a long way to go with all these characters. I hope everyone is patient and kind and enjoys watching these amazing actors play these scenes that make them actors in so many ways.”

Which brings us to Nene, who won’t be joining her classmates at camp this summer. In addition to writing new music for Gina’s brother, Olivia Rodrigo’s character hits the open road with her moms, a move that sparks what could be her farewell story.

“[Olivia is] So busy now, I’m sure it’s hard to believe,” Federl jokes. “But she was so gracious and sweet. There’s this new song you’re singing that I love. I think it’s very emotional and a true summary of her experience on the show, and also a promise of where all of these characters and their co-stars are going this season.” (In separate interview with Entertainment tonightFederle refers to season three as a “appropriate farewell” to Rodrygo.)

But even with the drama inherent in it, Federele believes this is “a season about brotherhood,” hence his decision to perform the characters. frozenAdding, “Not enough has been said about the camaraderie and brotherhood between young women, whom the media often try to pit against each other.”

What do you think of the third season so far? Class a premiere, then Leave a comment with your summer hopes below.

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