Gwen Darl Morrison in KGB uniform.

A Hawaiian couple with possible ties to the KGB is accused of stealing the identity cards of the dead children – The New York Post

Court files indicate that a Hawaiian couple accused by federal authorities of stealing the identities of deceased children decades ago may have past links to the former Russian spy agency.

US defense contractor Walter Primrose and his wife Gwen Morrison are accused of living under the names of babies who were less than a year old when they each died, according to a lawsuit unsealed Friday. Posted online by The Daily Beast. Their fake names were for the babies Bobby Edward Fort and Julie Lynn Montague.

Primrose, who was also part of the US Coast Guard for decades, used the fake identity to help him obtain documents such as driver’s licenses, passports and Department of Defense credentials, which led to him obtaining a secret security clearance with the military and then as defense. contractor.

The couple, both in their late 60s, face charges, so far, of aggravated identity theft, conspiracy to commit a crime against the United States and a false statement in a passport application after their arrest on the island of Hawaii on Friday.

Federal prosecutors want the couple held without bail along with Assistant US Attorney Thomas Molick, saying old Polaroid photos show the two dressed as KGB.

Polaroid photos of the couple dressed as KGB in court have been shared.
United States District Court District of Hawaii via AP

Moelec also said a “close colleague” of Morrison said she lived in Romania when it was a Soviet bloc country.

Prosecutors have argued that there is a high risk of husband and wife absconding if they are not held behind bars before trial, noting that Primrose is highly skilled at communicating secretly if they are released. The feds said the couple had other possible aliases.

Both Primrose and Morrison were born in 1955 and attended high school and then college together in Texas, court records said, before they married in 1980.

Court records do not explain why the couple assumed the identities of the deceased children in 1987, but a State Department special agent said in an affidavit that the couple lost their Texas home to foreclosure that year.

Walter Glenn Primus in KGB uniform.
Court records do not explain why the couple assumed the identities of the children who died in 1987.
United States District Court District of Hawaii via AP

Primrose enlisted in the Coast Guard when he was 39, although he did so under his Bobby Fort identity, he was only listed as 27 at the time.

He held an avionics electrical technician position until he retired in 2016 when he worked for a defense contractor at the Coast Guard Air Station in Honolulu.

The couple’s lawyers declined to comment.

The father of Julie Lynn Montague, who died when she was six weeks old in 1968, was shocked to use his daughter’s name in the criminal scheme.

“I still can’t believe what happened,” John Montague, 91, told The Associated Press. “Odds are like one in a trillion they find it and use its name. People come down to do anything nowadays. Let the children rest in peace.”

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