Arizona Republican Governor Candidate Who Claims Election Fraud With Primary Approach – Arizona Family

Phoenix (3TV / CBS 5) With less than a week to go until the primaries, one of the leading Republican candidates for governor claims that attempts to steal the election are already underway. Earlier this week, Carrie Lake told Constitutional Republicans in the North Valley, “We’re already spotting some fraud.”

Lake made the accusation several times during the event but did not provide specific evidence to support it. The Arizona family reached out for comment but got no response from their campaign, which has made unsupported election fraud allegations around the 2020 election a cornerstone of its presidential bid. Lake’s comments come as polls show she and Karen Taylor-Robson are running with their necks for the Republican nomination.

Robson, who rarely gives interviews to the local press, has not commented on the Arizona family. But she told The Arizona Republic she believed Lake’s new accusations of election theft were part of a “calculated narrative.”

“It’s an assault on our democracy, and I think it’s dangerous,” she told the newspaper.

Democratic political advisor Tony Kanye wondered why Robson didn’t speak up sooner. He notes that Robson refused to dismiss the baseless allegations of election fraud that have persisted over the past two years. “It’s not new. What’s new is that conspiracy theories are being tipped in her direction, and she’s very uncomfortable about the fact that this might hurt her…the chances of her gaining power,” Kanye said.

Lake, who won the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, has been clear that she believes he won in 2020 despite evidence showing that President Joe Biden is the rightful winner. Meanwhile, Robson declined to say whether Biden had won legitimacy, saying the recent election was unfair to Trump.

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