Community members angry at San Pedro officials over fatal Peak Park shooting: ‘You did absolutely nothing’ – KABC-TV

St. Peter, Los Angeles (CABC) – Community members met Tuesday at Peak Park in San Pedro, where two people were shot and seven others were injured Sunday.

It comes as new details emerge that the shooting occurred at a baseball match organized to promote peace between gangs.

On Wednesday, the coroner’s office identified the two people killed in the shooting: Tashman Williams, 31, of Compton. and Carlisle Phillips, 29, of cypress.

Community members are angry at local leaders for not doing more to prevent violence.

“You guys are hypocrites,” said one of the men at the community meeting. “Get off your ass and do something down there.”

There was a lot of anger from residents who spoke out, demanding answers after nine people were shot during a conflict involving more than one person with a gun. Four guns were found at the scene.

A woman who received a round of applause after commenting said: “Bake Park has been a problem. It’s not just on Sundays, it’s been a problem for years and you need the police presence. It’s not a safe place for young families.”

Two of these nine victims did not survive.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it happened at a baseball game held by a group trying to stop gang violence.

This game was allowed for 100 people, but about 500 people attended.

More than 50 rounds were fired.

San Pedro shooting: Suspects sought after 2 killed, 6 injured in Peak Park

LAPD said the shooting was not between a gang pitted against each other, but rather two people identified as embroiled in a feud. They said the two people decided to bring him to the park on Sunday to settle the dispute.

“Suddenly, shots are ringing. The first thing you do is try to cover your loved ones and try to get somewhere where a bullet won’t hit you,” said Ba, a member of the Lowrider Car Club.

Those who were on the site describe the complete chaos.

“People are running everywhere, trying to drive out. They’re destroying cars and crashing into them,” said Andre Persson, vice president of the National Association of Low-Coach Cyclists. “I’ve been in a gang intervention for a long time and this is one of the most horrific scenes I’ve seen.”

In the wake of the shooting, all Sunday permits in Peak Park have now been rescinded, and police have pledged more patrols in the area.

Police said there will be police in cars, bikes, SUVs and horses to increase their presence in the area.

But some residents said it was too late, too late.

Another man at the meeting said, “Our neighbors saw a potential problem here, and you guys in leadership positions saw the same problem and did absolutely nothing.”

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