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Andrew Yang Wednesday announced that his forward party It merges with a coalition of Republicans, Democrats and independents as part of an effort to give Americans an alternative to the two major parties.

why does it matter: Yang says the new party, known as Forward, is now the third largest resource-dependent political party. The founding members hope this will bridge a stark divide in American politics.

details: The new party will be headed by Yang and Kristen Todd Whitman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey. Its founding base consists of members of the Renewal of America Movement (RAM), the Service for America Movement (SAM) and the Forward Yang Party, Reuters first mentioned.

  • RAM was created by dozens of former officials in previous Republican administrations and is led by a former Trump White House official Miles TaylorWhile SAM is a political organization made up of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans founded by the former Representative. David Jolly (R-Fla.).

what are they saying: “Our reach will expand very quickly,” Yang Wrote in a blog post Party announcement. “We’re already on the ballot in several states with a goal of 15 states by the end of this year, double that number at 23 and all 50 at 24.”

  • “What’s the main objection you hear to third parties? They can’t compete,” Yang said. “Well, we’re showing that we can provide the resources to raise and elect candidates across the country with the support of tens of thousands of Americans and millions of dollars in popular funding.”
  • “Together, we are neither on the left, nor on the right, but forward.”

between the lines, Via Axios Twin Cities Tori Van Ott: Yang Party Forward was launched last year and was Select Minnesota As one of his first goals to build a party and presence at the state level.

  • But his approved candidate for governor withdrew before the application deadline, and he didn’t end up recruiting any candidates to run.

not worth anything The party’s debut in Minnesota has raised concern that any approved candidates might attract them From the Democratic Caucus Of potential voters in close races and tipping the scales for Republicans comes November.

recovery: Andrew Yang says he has officially left the Democratic Party

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