State soldiers say 15-year-old shoots 3 siblings at their Alaska home – CBS News

Authorities announced Wednesday that a 15-year-old boy who shot and killed three siblings at a home near Fairbanks, Alaska, was found dead with self-inflicted injuries.

Alaska State Soldiers said in a statement that they received a report of a shooting at the Fairbanks home on Tuesday afternoon. Troops spokesman Tim Despin said the report came from a neighbor.

Responding soldiers found four children dead from gunshot wounds. The soldiers said that the children’s parents were not at home when the shooting took place.

DeSpain said the deceased children were aged 5, 8, 17 and 15.

Soldiers said their investigation shows that a 15-year-old boy shot three brothers and then shot himself. DeSpain said the issue of motive is part of the investigation.

The bodies were sent to the state coroner’s office.

The statement said three other children were at home and were unharmed. DeSpain said the children who were not infected were all under the age of 7. All of the children are siblings, he said.

DeSpain said the gun was a “family weapon but after that, it’s all still part of the ongoing investigation.” He could not say if the 15-year-old had any previous interactions with law enforcement, saying that would be part of the investigation.

Troops said the state’s office of children’s services had been notified. A spokesperson for the state’s Department of Family and Community Services did not immediately comment.

Fairbanks is located in central Alaska, about 360 miles north of Anchorage.

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