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three weeks later, Big Brother 24 The narrative has finally begun to shift. Many of the house guests focused obsessively on isolating and targeting Taylor, but when Daniel and Nicole blasted Taylor this week, it set in motion a flurry of game that led to the formation of a new alliance. And the house if it was about to be turned upside down.

The Wednesday night episode begins right after the nomination ceremony. Tuner just nominated Brittany and Michael and told us Brittany would be the target if his nominations stay the same, but there might be a bigger fish to fry with Taylor.

And Nicole teaches us that’s her goal. Not only does she want Taylor gone, she wants whatever power or reward she’ll have for surviving the evacuation and losing Festie Bestie.

A princess also wants to see Taylor in disguise. So I went to Turner and told him Taylor said she wanted to target guys if HOH won. Amira says she will veto Michael and Brittany.

Turner believes that going after Taylor would be the easiest way to get the blood off his hands. And the Nicole assures Turner that she’s fine with the ascent (of course she is, because she wants that power).

But then Joseph, Kyle, Monty, and Turner meet in the HOH room to discuss this blind side of Pooch last week. Kyle tells the guys that Alyssa told him about the girls working together. Joseph says they need to start getting rid of the girls or they’ll all be next after Taylor is gone this week. Then Kyle reminds the guys that Taylor isn’t with other girls and they want her more than anything. Obviously, sending Taylor only helps girls.

Then the conversation turns to a princess. Joseph mentions how close a princess is to winning things, and says that either a princess or Nicole has a good chance of winning this whole game. Then the wheels start to spin.

Kyle says that if a veto is used, Turner can pose a princess and Terrance, and they can target a princess. Kyle says he’s sure he can pull Michael and Brittany on, then they also pull out Taylor because she’s been on her own all this time.

So this group of guys make up The Pound, named after their fallen brothers.

It’s time to choose the players to contest the veto. Joining Turner/Jasmine, Michael/Brittany Hmm Taylor/Nicole. Oops. This was not what most people wanted with this lottery. Nicole even tells us in the diary room that she might have to compete. But then Turner reveals that just surviving evacuation night isn’t safe next week. Nicole is now less interested in the idea of ​​a veto, but says she will continue to do so to help get Taylor out.

Nicole had to veto her, so she had a slightly emotional moment, tearfully asking the others to leave the room. The other guests are concerned that Nicole God may be some kind of bad news about her mother. But it’s really all about her having to compete. Nicole says on top of that, she never had a real problem with Taylor. Daniel tells her that Taylor influences his game. So Nicole says that’s all you need to know and that’s what needs to be done. Daniel says he doesn’t see Taylor as a good person. Nicole says she doesn’t do it either and adds that Taylor is a loose cannon. Meanwhile, Taylor is there in the other room worried about Nicole and asks Monty to pray for Nicole.

So Taylor went to check on Nicole. Taylor says whatever Nicole needs to do. Taylor says if there’s a point you have to tap, don’t worry about it. Nicole thinks Taylor is trying to impress her. She says she doesn’t need someone to tell her to bend over.

Then Nicole went and told Danielle that Taylor was passive aggressive and trying to get her to quit. Daniel is really upset. He’s already had a big problem with Taylor for unknown reasons, and that excites him. Daniel confronted her. He tells her to stop being fake. He says she can do it immediately and never talk to him again.

Taylor doesn’t even know what’s going on and I thought it was a joke at first. She is really confused by everything. Then he goes to Taylor and blames her for making Paloma leave the game. He asks her not to talk to Nicole like that. Nobody understands why Daniel is acting like this.

Nicole jumps in and tells Taylor she needs to learn how to talk to people. Joseph told us in DR he had never seen Taylor do this to anyone.

Well, enough of the Daniel and Nicole mess. Let’s go to the veto contest. For this week, players have to climb a tree to assemble a puzzle on top of their tree. There will be one player on the ground and one in the air. The pair to finish the puzzle first, wins the veto.

And then for some reason (that’s not just being lazy), Jasmine dies and can’t compete in the competition. So there will only be a couple of competition. This should be easy.

And it was.

Michael and Brittany won the power of veto! Turner’s plan is approaching the back door of a princess.

But there are a few more steps to cover. Enter Joseph. He knows what happened with Daniel and Taylor, and begins to recruit Michael and Brittany while Monty recruits Taylor. They all gather in the HOH room and discuss the plan. Kyle tells Taylor that he’s tired of the way you’ve been treated, and that’s why he’s so passionate about it. And they are all below. And so the leftovers were born.

We’re not getting a veto party tonight, but if you want to know how it happened, check out Spoilers for the veto party.

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