Triple H Responds to Seth Rollins’ SummerSlam Apology to WWE Fans –

The WWE SummerSlam card received a surprise change today when it was announced Riddle vs Seth Rollins will not happen during the event, because Riddle won’t be able to compete (at least in the kayfabe world). Since then, many have wondered what will happen with Rollins, as he now has no discount on the show and was one of the few original matches on the current card. Rollins then issued an apology to fans who bought a ticket to SummerSlam hoping to see him in action and that it was out of his control, and now Triple H, the new head of creative, has responded to Rollins’ message.

Earlier today, Rollins posted this apology on Twitter, writing, “For anyone who bought a ticket to #SummerSlam hoping to see me in action, I apologize. I’ve done everything I can for the past six months to earn my place on this show, but some things are off About my will. Thank you for always singing my song. They will hear you one day.”

Not long ago, Triple H quote tweeted that tweet and then added the caption “I hear you!”. A recent report said much of SummerSlam’s plan would remain the same even though Triple H is now in the creative driver’s seat, but one report said he’d like to make one go at the event, but only if it makes sense.

It doesn’t look like he’s going to push any changes just because, but maybe that’s the way to a big match that could spark some energy for the show. In the comments to the tweet, there are some of the more popular names, such as Johnny Gargano, Carmelo Hayes and Bray Wyatt. A recent report suggested that a talent who recently left WWE will consider making a comeback now that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are in positions of power, and some believe this means Gargano could return to WWE.

Others want someone from NXT to be bred and get the big SummerSlam light, and Hayes definitely fits that law. He’s already done a lot in NXT up to this point, and while he could run in the NXT Championship, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to take him higher and highlight him in a potentially great match against Rollins. This would be a great introduction to the larger fan base in WWE after all.

For Wyatt, well, maybe that’s a stretch, but you never know.

Who would you like to see the Rollins fight at SummerSlam? Tell us in the comments or as always you can talk about all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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