Judge rules Britney Spears won’t have to sit down to deposit her in the ongoing legal battle with her father – CNN

Outside the courtroom, Rosengart said the singer’s father will also have to show all required documents and appear in court, calling it “another very good day for Britney”.

“Britney got her freedom last November, and as many of you know, particularly in light of the recent news, Britney is on the move,” Rosengart said, referring to The last star marriage. “She wants to get on with her life. And yet this man, her father, her flesh and blood, does not want that.”

CNN has reached out to Jimmy Spears’ attorney for comment on the ruling.

“We hope he (Jimmy Spears) accepts his losses and simply moves on and leaves his daughter alone,” Rosengart told CNN in a statement. “That’s what any decent man would do, any decent father.”

The Grammy winner was in a court-ordered guardianship for 13 years before it was terminated in November. Spears’ father has served as her assistant bodyguard since the start of the guardianship in 2008. This has made him responsible for her finances and, at times, her medical decisions.

The two faced off multiple times in court last year as matters reached a turning point during two emotional testimonies as the singer pleaded with the judge to end the guardianship, calling him “arbitrary.” Spears said she felt forced to perform, given no privacy, and was forced to use birth control and take medication against her will.
Outside the courtroom on Wednesday, Rosengart also took a minute to speak on behalf of AB 1663, a California bill that would amend the rules of the governor’s operation, saying that while Spears had “highlighted the issue”, it was now “bypassing Britney.” The bill is currently making its way through the state legislature.

“This is not about Britney, this is beyond Britney,” Rosengart said while surrounded by supporters of the bill. “There are a lot of people in the country and in the state who are not free and are subject to abusive forced escort practices. And that’s something I’m looking forward to working with with lawmakers, both in California and Washington, DC.”

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